Friday, March 21, 2008

What am I thinking?

I have been accused in the past of thinking too negatively. Well, I am paying heed to all the advise rendered to me. This new blog is my attempt to contribute to my culture. And, in a more positive way, I might add. Notice the bright background and beaming energy. It is a new me.

This new blog is inspired by my all time favorite blog : Lifehacker. For those of you who have not read, I will strongly suggest checking it out. It will change your life. Anyways, it so occured to me that there are so many little tips and tricks that we pass around in our daily lives. While there is a repository of such hacks all over the net, there is no single source that pertains to Sikh living. I mean, what are some tricks to tie a better turban?. Or what is the best way to groom yourself as a Sikh? Should you match your turban to your clothes or to your tie?

There are tons of things that our elders and our cousins will tell us. But they all circulate and then somehow get lost. Any newbie has to start from scratch and then recollect all the wealth of knowledge that is out there.

Hence, my idea to document whatever I can find that will help improve, or tweak, the Sikh lifestyle. The horizon of this blog will be broad enough to include topics that are relevant not just to Sikhs but to immigrants and youth in general. Since no single person can claim to know everything, I am hoping that a lot of people will contribute to this blog so that we can create a cumulative source of "street" wisdom. I will invite people to send their thoughts and suggestions to me and I will post the appropriate ones.

So, that is the thought. Let's see how it goes.

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114151516KV said...

Coming from a Sikh background myself, I find your blogs very intriguing and almost comforting I must say. I happened to find your blog through another blog, while browsing this site, as I am essentially a "newbie" here. I recently decided to start blogging again after a year or so but nevertheless, I awaite patiently to read more of your exquisite works!